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What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty

A 'chick lit' book with a difference - imagine falling over and forgetting the last 10 years of your life!

Alice does not recognize her life,her friends or even her three children.

Cryptic clues are gives out along the way about a woman named Gina who no one will talk about, as Alice tries to retrace where her life went wrong and what happened in the last ten years.

A novel which is heartfelt and thought provoking while still remaining in the light genre of women’s reading.

Liane Moriarty is the author of two other books Three wishes and the Last anniversary; it was a real treat for me to read another book by this talented author.

If you like Cathy Kelly and Monica Mcinerney you will like Lianne Moriarty.

Chesapeake Bay quartet by Nora Roberts

This set of four books tell the story of the four Quinn brothers, brothers related by love not blood.

The books are

Inner Harbor
Rising tides
Chesapeake Blue.

Each brother has their own problems past and present that they have to work through in order to reach their own happy ending.

These books are well written and easy to read tugging at the heartstrings as you read them.The three adult brothers are left to raise the youngest brother they have just welcomed into the family when their father passes away unexpectedly.

Can they put their lives on hold for a 10-year-old boy and give him the life he deserves?

In Chesapeake Blue the youngest boy grows up and we get to see how his life has turned out.

I thoroughly enjoyed these books. Nora Roberts is a talented author who runs the gauntlet from light romance through to suspense and she also writes crime under the name of JD Robb.

For more information on all her books check out her official website.